Monday, October 31, 2011

I knew it...

So funny, last week when I sent in the papers I knew they would get lost- afterall they only had to travel about 30 miles from home. Guess what? My premonition came true. Am I freaked out? No, not at all actually. I knew it would happen, they will get to the agency in their own due time and all will be well. If not, I can just resend them.

Upon realizing the papers are not there yet, the agency went ahead and sent me the next pile to go through. So far it is not bad at all, it is all really doable with a notary and some ink we will be through them all in no time.

We do have to take 24 hours of classes before we  head to the DRC. They seem like they will be really informative and interesting. All parents should have to do this, the world might be a better place to grow-up in if they did. Matt is a bit worried because they only occur on Saturday and Sunday, right in the middle of his work week. It is only three of those days however, so the FAA will have to understand.

That's about it for this Halloween evening- happy hauntings!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

It has started...

Last Tuesday I put the first application in the mail and emailed the electronic copy with our picture to the agency. We still haven't heard anything- I hope all is not lost somewhere in the mail! I am hoping tomorrow we get more papers emailed to us, or at least a note saying they got it. I never thought I would be excited for paperwork, but this would mean the process really is underway- wow!

This is the picture I sent- do we look like we would be good parents? I didn't have a recent professional photo, but this one shows us out in nature and being us- we will see what happens! I will keep you posted...