Saturday, April 21, 2012

New Photos

For the first time, we received photos go the girls together. They are holding hands and it is so awesome! When we first decided to get another girl after we knew of Sara, I was really worried she would be like, "Really? I have to live with her my whole life? Ugh" but, it seems instead Sara is protecting of her little sister and might actually like her, yeah!

Now I know it is possible the photographer told them to hold hands, but since neither of the girls seem upset about it, I am still thinking they might be friends doing it on their own- and they probably don't know they are sisters yet either.

One other thing, Sara is still just happy as can be. I think that child is a joyful soul and she'll bring that wonderful energy of hers into our lives- what a blessing! Nalya, on the other hand, is more like
 "Dude, what are you taking my picture for? I refuse to smile for such things." I can't wait to see her first smile and hear her laugh. That,also, will be a blessing.

Here is just a preview for you; when we are all home safe and sound you will see their beautiful faces as well:

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Great News! Yippee!

Oh my gosh, I received amazing news today! We passed court in the Congo and are waiting for the judgement in writing so our final papers can be completed. "They" (not sure who they is exactly, lawyers? Government?) are already working on new birth certificates for the girls. How strange to think that Matt and I will be listed as Sara and Nalya's birth parents. I hope we get copies of their original certificates....anyway, I digress. With this news the agency says I may be able to travel and get them as soon as early June- yippee! We have so much to do! I think we keep thinking there is a lot of time left, but it may only be 8 more weekends! We have to finish their room, get things to take over there, get shots... 8 weekends and I will know these kids of ours....AMAZING!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Packages

     Happy Easter! The Easter Bunny didn't come by our house, but I know he will be next year- so exciting! The girls don't even know what the Easter Bunny is and they probably had just a  normal kills me to think of them on days like this, I so want them here!
     Their second care package should go out this week. I don't know for sure they are getting them, but it makes me feel better thinking they will. We decided to add in our first photo. I figure they will just think these are the nice people sending us gifts since they don't know they are being adopted yet. Once we pass court we have a whole photo album ready for them.

    Here is Sara's second package: two books, an outfit, headbands, a baby doll and animal cookies.

 Here is Nahlya's package: a toy truck, a baby doll, an outfit, headbands, animal cookies and vitamins.
I hope to hear about our court date this week also- I will keep you posted!