Help Us Please

Let the fundraising begin! It is very expensive to bring Baby home- we would LOVE for you to tell your friends, family and everyone you know (well, strangers are OK too!) to help us out. We definately appreciate every sinlge person's help, and we will need all the help we can get.

Here is the first place to buy NEAT goodies. All you do is find what items you like, then add "Letitia Christensen" from the affiliate menu in your cart before checking out- this gives us 40% of your sale and gets us that much closer to Baby. If you forget my name, we don't get the benefit.

You can also use the PayPal button to donate- who knew?

Finally, with this company we order the item for you and we ship it to you (or shop online and select our name from a list, this gets us less benefit though).

The prices are below to order directly from us for a bit more assistance to our fund (and for a little more on your check, we will seal your package with a kiss before we mail it :)
Just email us the size and items you want. Sorry, we do have to charge an additional $2 per item ordered to get it to you.

   Baseball Tee                          Infant/Toddler Tee's                             
 Unisex: XS-XL                          3mos.-4 Toddler                          
          $35                                              $20                                                                        
  Feed 1 Baseball      Infant & Toddler Yellow Tee147 Infant & Toddler Pink Tee

              Baseball Cap                                      
       Distressed Grey Baseball Hat       

 Green Baseball             Brown Tee                  Support Bracelet
 Unisex: XS-XL         Unisex: S or XL                      1 Size

        $35                             $20                                 $10
   Helping 1 Home Baseball Tee        147 Unisex Brown Tee        Silicone Cuff

     Blue Tee               Fancy Baseball              Magazine Necklaces
Unisex:XS-3XL         Women's: L-XL               Various Colors
        $20                             $35                                    $20
Navy Unisex Shirt        Fancy Feed Baseball Cream Body Black Sleeve            Magazine Bead Necklace

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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Fundraising Thermometer

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