Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Moving Right Along

Our I600 was approved last Thursday! We are now officially a family in both the US and Congo! Getting that green paper in the mail was such an amazing feeling. It came with a complete set of all our court documents, translations and histories. I feel so blessed to someday be able to share all these with the girls; they will have a true sense of their heritage.

Next up is the embassy appointment. I have been (uh, hem) patiently waiting for it. Then all that's left is an embassy investigation and exit visas for the girls. I think I can safely say we are in the home stretch. Of course, until I am back in the US with my daughters I will not really feel we are done...and then we never will be being parents and all.

So, we have one more Christmas to get through, one more New Year's Eve and then we should be good to fly to Africa (inshallah!- a great Arabic word we need to adopt into English...it means God willing, I hope, fingers crossed and if God wills it all in one, a great word!).