A Country in Crisis

  • There are 5 MILLION orphans living in the Congo alone. (The population of the entire state of Indiana is 6.5 million.)

  • Only 46% of the population has access to clean water.

  • The life expectancy is 49 years

  • Congo has been named as the worst place on earth to be a woman- worse than Afghanistan!

  • 5.4 million people have died in the Congo Conflict since 1998- the world's deadliest conflict since WWII

  • Most deaths are non-violent, but prevelant because of the conflict's implications- things like malaria, malnutrition, diarrhea and pneumonia

  • 19% of the population is children, 47% of these preventable deaths are those kids

  • Even today, with violence decreased, there are still about 1.5 million displaced refugees

  • Every month, about 45,000 people still die because of the conflict