Why the DRC?

We know people are wondering why the Congo when so many kids here need help.For us, it has never been a question that we would grow our family internationally and culturally. When a friend told me about the DRC, it just seemed right that that is where Baby would come from. With the tumultous history, genocide, rape, child soldiers and 47% infant mortality rate, it seemed natural to reach out to this place and save a life while growing our family.

We will consider it a blessing to share our lives and abundance with a child who would otherwise potentially die of easily preventable disease, starvation or be forced to join an "army" at 12. Orphaned children in America can still live and thrive,while children of the DRC have very little hope of reaching adulthood and being healthy and strong.

I hope you will read about the DRC, see what we see in the beautiful people and land, and maybe understand a little more why it is tugging at our hearts so much....