Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Packages

     Happy Easter! The Easter Bunny didn't come by our house, but I know he will be next year- so exciting! The girls don't even know what the Easter Bunny is and they probably had just a  normal kills me to think of them on days like this, I so want them here!
     Their second care package should go out this week. I don't know for sure they are getting them, but it makes me feel better thinking they will. We decided to add in our first photo. I figure they will just think these are the nice people sending us gifts since they don't know they are being adopted yet. Once we pass court we have a whole photo album ready for them.

    Here is Sara's second package: two books, an outfit, headbands, a baby doll and animal cookies.

 Here is Nahlya's package: a toy truck, a baby doll, an outfit, headbands, animal cookies and vitamins.
I hope to hear about our court date this week also- I will keep you posted!