Wednesday, August 1, 2012


Well, it looks like it will be closer to eight- Eight long weeks from when I last posted, not five. The girls got their passports, but in true Congolese fashion there were mistakes in their names so we have to wait a bit longer.

I will not be with them for their Birthday week. Next year we will have to celebrate five years of birthdays for Sara and three for Nalya. Don't worry, I don't plan on really having five different parties or five years worth of gifts (it might be tempting though, hmm).

Hopefully the new passports will come out this week and we can get an embassy appointment early next week. And hopfully the embassy has an opening next week... I know, I know, a girl can dream right? It will probably be closer to four more weeks until the embassy and then two more weeks until we go.

Some good news is we got updated photos of the girls and OMG- I am in love! Sara is eating a lot of something yummy and has gotten it all over herself - she will fit right into the family! Nalya has hair and she smiles, she actually smiles! It is the first time we have seen it, and it is amazing. Her hair is great too, but I have to wonder how she was almost bald last month and now her hair is in a ponytail. Hair extensions on a two year old?

One thing for sure, you have to admire the hairstyles Congolese women have, they are to die for!

So, here we are waiting and dreaming the US embassy has a magical appointment ready for us in the next few weeks so I can meet my girls this month...I will keep you posted.