Sunday, January 8, 2012

Beautiful Sunday- Hair!

Wow, we received a new picture of Sara. She sure looks happy, and she is in a clean house with the same shoes on as before, in a different (clean) outfit. I like to think someone is being her protector, loving her and making her feel like she is safe until we can go and get her.

The one crazy (and in the eyes of the Congoleses, Beautiful) thing is....... her hair!

Here is a sneak peek:

Yes, evidently Coolio stole his signature hair from the women of the Congo...I bet no one would have guessed that!

I have heard the hair is something to be wary of, something to endure and a thing that, as a white woman, I will find surprising. I have been told to get silk pillowcases, learn to braid and don't wash her hair more than once a week. I have also heard hair is one reason some black people don't like white people adopting "their" kids- because we don't know how to care for their hair!

There are even numerous books written on the subject:

To be totally honest I am a bit afraid of what will happen when Sara's Coolio braids come out, I think I may just hire a stylist to come to the house and do it for me. At least I am a woman who loves her hairstylist, although styling hair is a totally new beast.

So, for this beautiful Sunday I ask you...what does your hair say about you? About culture? About beauty?