Thursday, May 10, 2012

Care Packages 3

We sent the girls each another package for May. I'm not sure they have received the others we sent, but I like to hope they are getting them. We put in a photo album for each one with "mom", "dad", and "I love you" translated into both French and Tshiluba. We also put in pictures of ourselves holding a small blanket they will get in the same baggie. Then, when we first meet them, we will be holding replicas of the blankets so there is a connection. A great idea another mom from our agency tried.

I have been feeling really low this week. We were hoping to get the judge's signature by May 1st then travel in early June. Well, as of today we are still waiting for his signature. Every day longer this takes is another day we can't meet our girls. Adoption is so hard because of unexpected waits like this. I don't know how long I can hold my sanity while we wait for the judge.

Here are pics of the latest packages. I sure hope these are the last ones- at least until they go away to college :)