Friday, May 25, 2012

It was bound to happen....

I'm sure every adoptive family can tell you about the delays they experienced - it's totally normal. Well, ours was bound to happen too. The judge in the girls city is a very busy man with a lot of job responsibilities and very little staffing, so we have been delayed in the last steps.

Honestly, if he didn't have the power of making us parents I would feel bad for the guy and try to help him out. But, he does have that power so as understanding as I want to be I am instead upset he is so behind on the adoption cases. Originally we thought we could be meeting our girls in a few weeks, now I'm just hoping it's this summer. Ugh!

Some happy news though. My amazing family and friends are giving us an adoption shower tomorrow. It will be great to have a shower we can drink wine at! We have been getting gifts in the mail all week- the postman must think we are crazy hoarders of some sort. I'm super excited to celebrate with everyone and feel overwhelmed by the support and love we have around us. I will share photos of the good times on the next post.

Now, if only the judge would be so loving and supporting of us we could really have a big party tomorrow! I'm sending him good thoughts and prayers that he hurries up already!