Monday, December 26, 2011

Beautiful Post- Sunday

Oops, I am a day late on this beautiful Sunday. Yesterday was Chritmas, and boy what a great and tiring day that was! Matt and I always spend Christmas Eve at my mom's house and then wake up with the girls for SANTA! Yesterday Santa excitment got us up about 6:45. After Chritsmas with mom and the girls we quickly come home to drop off our stuff and go up to Matt's parent's house for another Christmas.

It is always so nice and so wonderful, but definately exausting. Next year this tradition might change- we will figure that out then. All I know for sure is Sara is bound to have a great first Christmas- she already received a basket full of toys from both grandparents for this one!

This "Sunday" is beautiful beacuse Sara is already loved by so many great people. It is beautiful because without even knowing her all our families have accepted her without question and unconditionally. Both Matt and I, and now Sara, are so lucky to have the families we do- they make our lives beautiful and wonderful in all ways....Merry (late) Christmas everyone!