Sunday, December 11, 2011

Beautiful Sunday- How Could it Not Be?

This Sunday I really have no choice but to dedicate it to the people raising Sara. She is a beautiful little girl, living in a country that is beautful in it's own right. Her story and the women who have helped raise her so far are amazing human beings, even if I don't know who they are.

Sara's mom died two days after Sara was born. Local nuns took her in and nourished her for five days while waiting for other family members to show up- none did. The nuns then took her to a local village "orphanage"- a term used very loosly. There are 3-4 women at the orphanage (more like a house) who have helped Sara and her 8 "brothers and sisters" live as best as they can.

Stories like this happen everyday in the DRC. Even in a country ravaged by disease and severe poverty, people do what they can to help in the ways they know how. They are true local heroes saving lives without aknowledgement, without clean water and without money- but they make it happen. If only there were more of these amazing women and men all around the world, we would have a safer and better earth for everyone.

Thank you to all the beautiful heroes in the DRC saving the lives of so many! You are truly the most beautiful people on earth.