Saturday, December 10, 2011

She has Been Revealed!

13 blog posts, approximately 2 months, only two rounds of paperwork and years of thinking have brought us to the point that our daughter has been chosen! In such a short time we know who she is!!

Her name is Sara. She turned 3 on August 20. The adjectives that describe her? Joyful, capricious and likes to be put in charge." She is perfect!!

I truly believe everything in our lives happens for a reason. Sometimes we know that reason, sometimes it takes us looking back on events to see that reason. I believe with all my heart Sara was chosen so quickly because she was ment to be ours.

Are we freaking out? Of course! Did we think this could happen so quickly? Definately not! But, none of that matters. We will handle our daughter with patience and love. What may be a hard year for her when she comes into the family will result in a lifetime of opportunity and happiness she could never get back home.

Hopefully by summer we can meet this remarkle little girl and bring her home- WOW!!