Sunday, November 20, 2011

Beautiful Sunday...

Talking with a friend yesterday she reminded me that what thoughts you have become reality; or as the dog is The Art of Racing in the Rain states,"that which you behold will manifest itself." So, I am working on thinking good thoughts and letting the worries and negativity go away. It s kind of hard to do, especially when it comes to financing the adoption and wondering if this will go smoothly once we do get the money.

However, in the spirit of positive thoughts, I am adapting a Sunday blog theme from another Congo adoptee's blog I follow ( Beautiful Sundays. There are so many beautiful things in this world we sometimes forget to look at and admire. Today, the topic is people. All people of the world at all ages can be beautiful, and that beauty really reflects who they are inside. Not only that, but the people of a country tell you what that country is- traditional, diverse, happy, poor...the Congo is all of these things.  Here are some beautiful people pictures from the DRC, enjoy!