Sunday, November 6, 2011

Lucky Folks...

       Today I woke up feeling lucky- a strange feeling for someone who only once won a walkman at Junior Prom and never anything else! I think I feel this way because I know we are blessed to have the life we have, the home we have and the opportunities we have. Not to mention the agency finally received all our papers- including the originals send out 1.5 weeks ago. This means the process can really begin.
       Perhaps the blessed feeling comes from knowing today is Orphan Sunday- it is estimated that there are 167 million orphans in the world of 7 billion+. That's crazy! I just can't understand why certain people have baby after baby (the TLC channel has a polygimist guy with 23 kids and 4 wives!) when so many need homes. Is it an ego thing? A religious thing? It just doesn't seem right to me.
       I also have been reading up more and the news from the DRC, and I can't imagine living in such a world. Women cannot be alone without fear of gang rape and murder, few people have clean water, and conflict rages on- just this week a military base was attacked in the Eastern Congo by Ugandan soliders. The elections will happen in just a few weeks, and already violence has started. One of the main fontrunners for president is actually on trial in the international court for Crimes Against Humanity and overseeing the rape of hundreds of women in 2002- makes both the Republicans and Democrates look like angels!
      Fnally, we received an email from the Ordinary Hero fundraiser saying they are giving a $500 grant to the top 3 sellers this week. There are only 15 active sellers, which means we might have a good chance of winning if we can get some help. I purchased Matt and I each a t-shirt yesterday- would you mind helping out by buying a few Chrsitmas gifts? I HATE asking for help, and especially asking for money, but this is a great cause for a great company and a great couple (if I do say so myself :))
      So there you have it, a lucky Sunday for all of us waking up warm, being able to travel alone and drink clean water out of a faucet. I hope you feel excitied to be alive, to have a home and to be loved. Talk to you soon!