Sunday, November 13, 2011

Birthday Wishes...

Today I am 33- a crazy number! At the same time I think it seems old, I am so glad for every year I get to celebreate a birthday in good health and with good people around me. This year of life is going to bring so much more than anything I ever would have thought before.

I never would have believed I would be married and looking at being a mom at 33. Maybe 40, sure, but early thirties- never! It just goes to show you never really know how life will turn out. And you know what, I wouldn't change any of what I have for what my dreams were before life really happened. This birthday I really feel happy and excited for what lies ahead.

Part of this is the Congo journey and seeing who we find at the end of this road, but another part of the gratitude is thinking to what the people in Congo face. A 33 year old woman there has likely been raped (perhaps multiple times), married to someone she may not love, had multiple children who died before age 5, never received an education and only has about 16 more years to live. I am so lucky to be where I am in life and given the amazing opportunities and gifts I have been given.

So I thank you for all the birthday wishes; and remember to wake-up every birthday not cursing another year you have to lie about to people, but happy you have that number to celebrate.