Thursday, November 17, 2011

Police & Money

Thought I would title this one a bit like a Hollywood movie... Matt finally went to get his fingerprints done. Poor guy, he had to visit the police station three times, only to be turned away for living one suburb over. He finally found a place that would do it, but he had to drive about 40 minutes each way. Makes me feel glad I am friends with the security guard at work!

As for the money, well it is a constant concern, literally waking me up at night. When I was young, I could sleep all night for 10 hours straight and wake up alert and energized. Come to the thirties and I now wake-up at 3:00 and think-not so fun! But I digress, fundraising is still going on, Christmas is near, you can help! Tomorrow we will visit more banks and see what we can do ourselves, I have faith! It will work for us and Baby.

I thought I would add a beautiful photo from the Congo- it is not all bad there as there is an amazing landscape and endangered gorillas; not to mention our child somewhere :)

So tonight, sleep through the night, have sweet dreams and picture yourself in this beautiful location:
Image Detail