Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Contracts, Notary, Etc

So today we went to the bank and got 5 pages notarized-we have about 40 more to sign and initial tonight. I told the notary he is going to get to know us well, I'm sure this is just the beginning! These papers were just the contracts and things to get the home study started. Of course, the other papers have yet to show-up at the agency, so I will resend those as well tomorrow (with another check).

Thinking about this all does seem daunting- it is not hard, just lengthy. I am betting we  will be in Kinshasa meeting Baby next August, but who knows for sure. Baby could be our anniversary gift next September. I keep having small freak-out moments, especially about the cost and steps to complete. If you want to help, we do have a few fundraisiers started, just click on the tab above.

Once these next sets of papers are sent in (FedEx this time, hopefully the second set can make it!!) it is a waiting game. We will start classes in either January or February, after the holidays. Wow! Off to sign papers now, have a good night!